We understand fully, the responsibility it takes in getting the right products to those in need with speed and efficiency. And our reputation for being highly reliable has gained us the respect and trustworthiness in the industry.

About Us

Lued Africa Ltd was founded in the year 2000 with a view to providing high quality services to healthcare providers, higher learning and research institutions, Lued Africa supports this dedication with extensive quality control testing, a commitment to customer service and an intensive research and devlopment program.

Our Services

Delivery & Installation

Our deliveries are planned, scheduled and tracked to ensure that supplies reach our clients in good time. We also do installation and testing, our team ensures that it is done to the highest standards.

Commissioning & Training

Our team trains and equips users with the requsit skills to operate the machinery and provivedes after support.

Maintainance & Repair

Our skilled team of field service engineers ensure that equipment we supply have minimal downtimes. We accomplish this through routine preventive Maintainance as well as repair in case of breakdown or malfunction.

Our Management Team

Our success has been a result of the dedication and commitment of our staffs. Our team of resilient and dynamics staffs comprise of qualified Bio Medical, Laboratory Technologists, a dedicated Sales and Marketing team, Logistics and Operation Team as well as administration support staffs.

Sales Management

The team focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of the firm's sales operations.

Logistics Management

In charge of procurrement of goods both locally and imports as well as delivery of products to clients locally and exports.

Human Resource

Foresee the smooth running of the officw as well as recruitment and maintainance of new employees.

Accounts Management

Responsible of maintaining the financial records, follow up on the debtors and see to it that the creditors are paid in time.

Engineering Dpt.

A team of 5 highly skilled Bio Medical and laboratory personnel who oversee the management of our management of our products.

Marketing Management

Skilled personnel who provide customer care services marketing intelligence. Leading team in the company's exhibition events.

Client's Testimony