Welcome To Lued Africa Limited

We are a dynamic healthcare and research supplies company that focuses on Medical ,General Hospital and Laboratory Equipmment, non-pharmaceuticals and reagents.


We value relationships and strive to cultivate long-term muturally beneficial associations with our clients.

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Promoting professional ethics to all our employees to provide timely response to the customers.

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Creating a flexible and dynamic organizatoin able to react quickly to changing global market conditions.

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Strive for continuous improvement of our resources and team members and orient our skills and structures to the requirements of the market.

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Our Product Portfolio

We offer GPR and GPLE-labeled products, including instruments and reagents for DNA and RNA extraction, PCR, STR analysis, genetic analysis and mutation detection. This are mostly systems for Molecular Diagnostics research products

Hospital & Medical Furniture

  • Hospital Bed
  • Stretchers
  • Examination table
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Laboratory Equipment

  • Neo system
  • Heating Mantel
  • Autoclave Pressure Cooker
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Medical & Surgical Equipment

  • PVC apron
  • Surgical Gown
  • Sutures
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  • Bone plates
  • Interlocking Nails
  • Modular Bipolar
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Diagnostics Instruments

  • E.N.T Sets
  • Binocular Loupe
  • Laryngoscopes
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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Aids

  • Clutches
  • Wheelchair
  • Calf support
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Medical Disposables

  • Catheter Mount
  • Colostomy Bags
  • IV cannula
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To deliver quality healthcare services and prosucts at affordable costs for healthcare providers. We are committed in the Maintainance of excellent services to all partners inthe healthcare industry. We also endeavor to maintain excellence and gain market leadership through the provision of quality products and services to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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